Bree Kleintop

Bree Kleintop was born in 1994. Her father worked in the surf industry for more than 20 years, which in fact inspired her in surfing.  This has also made her become the professional female surfer. She is also a popular model like Alana Blanchard, who was her inspiration.

Bree Kleintop found very less time for surfing as she gradually entered into modeling, which turned into her full-time profession. She currently settled in California and working with swimwear designers. She surfs as much as she could and besides she still finds time for her website Breeology.

She shared her experience of surfing, one scariest moment that really threaten her, which was when surging in Hawaii. She was just 15 years at that time. She also says that she fears snakes. She has travelled many destinations for modeling and has also explored the cities simultaneously spending quality time. She says that she use more of coconut oil as sun block and soak her hair with fresh water before jumping in ocean to protect her skin and hair health.

Bree Kleintop is dating with Eric Geiselman, who is a pro surfer. Her favorite song is “Wild Horses” by The Rolling Stones, which she always loves to listen. She finds excited handing with kitten babes at Chuck E. Cheese eating pizza and playing arcade games. She enjoys spending a good time here. This busy and top model has made a good wealth and net worth from modeling and television shows. She also continues to surf at her free time, however, not participating in any competitions.

Name: Bree Kleintop