Klara Kristen

Klara Kristin is the (as of yet) unknown star of a film called Love, where L might be for “the way you look at me”, but O is definitely not for “the only one I see”… With its unsimulated sex acts and explicit 3D cum shots, Gaspar Noé’s lip-lickingly good Love is the erotic melodrama that’s got titillation-seekers on the edge of their seats and the French powers that be slapping 18 ratings all over it. But really, it’s not a porno. “People keep mentioning sex instead of love, even though the name of the movie is Love and the story is about love,” Klara says.

Born in Copenhagen to a creative family, Klara ended up dropping out of secondary school to study art, took an online course in philosophy, and had not once thought of acting as a plausible career choice. She was working as a painting assistant to an artist when she chanced upon Noé in a Parisian nightclub last year. Since then Klara has been flitting between Denmark, Paris and LA, often in a frothy, pink Saint Laurent dress, with kohl-lined eyes and gold hoop earrings.

Name: Klara Kristen